Our Store is on Pause. Please check back in early November for your holiday shopping!

Each item is lovingly created or curated by Lauren herself, and are products that she uses personally.  These products reflect the ethos of EMYoga: the ability to heal and nourish ourselves as well as caring for our planet and each other. We hope you enjoy our offerings and check back often for new items.

Organic Cotton T Shirts and Hoodies

EMYoga Mascot Emee Tree graces all of our Organic Cotton Hoodies and T-shirts. Created by
artist, K. Mae Copham, from a doodle drawn by Lauren, Emee expresses our desires to be
Rooted and Grounded, Reaching to the sky, centered in Love and providing Community and
Support for everyone. You’ll love their soft, snuggly feel.

Autographed Copies of Lauren's Books

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